Integrity Trailers

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  1. Reply beverly edwards

    Great company to work with. They did a lot of custom features such as cabinets and tie downs as well as options I didn’t know were available for a cargo trailer. Back-up lights, extended tongue, high ceilings and a battery box for running my 12 volt lights when I’m not connected to a tow vehicle.

    + PROS: Love the fact that they are built in the NE of USA so they stand up to the horrible roads and weather. The 16" oc Crossmembers (Floor Supports) are standard and they are willing to build custom designed for each company or persons needs is rare. The extra options such as back-up lights, extended tongue and extra height are things I was unaware of being available.
    - CONS: A little more pricey but well worth it in the long run.

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