Eagle Cargo Trailers

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  1. Reply Anonymous

    I bought an eagle trailer(was supposed to be a Gator Tail, did not know about their troubles at the time of the order) in feb 16. Not ready as told, quality was poor, very poor, they missed frames with interior screws leaving holes in plywood, stapled interior luan trim not plywood as expected, staples were sticking out of the wall, semiscrewless = two side panels are not secured to the frames, floor rough and de-laminating as well as the plywood walls were of the lowest quality wood, now cracking, the frame was not completely painted and on and on. Called Lee Davis, won’t answer phone, sent email won’t respond, I asked for a couple hundred screws so I could screw the sides back together, no response. This would have been my third trailer from Gator tail, the other two were good but now??????? Beware!!!!!!! untrained, non quality and poor workmanship.

  2. Reply happy customer

    I had a great experience at Eagle Cargo. The people was nice and answered all questions I had. The sales lady helped me hook up my trailer and helped me check over everything to be sure we had the right hook up, lights work, etc. I would recommend my family, friends, and associates to check this place out if you are in the market for an enclosed cargo trailer! We have loved our trailer and will be back for our 3rd trailer in the next few months.

  3. Reply Norman Delore

    Do not buy an Eagle cargo trailer! They used the bait & switch on me. After driving 200 miles I decided to buy one anyways.
    I bought one from Trinity trailers less than two years ago. The lights were wired improperly when I went to pick it up. I fixed them myself. The side door was not put on plumb and is hard to open. Less than 2,500 miles and 18 months later I had a blowout. The tread wear was very unusual and both tires were wearing the same. When I jacked it up I noticed the rear shackles had rusted through the the tub frame. This should be covered under their warranty. I emailed both Trinity trailers and Eagle. Neither will respond.
    Their trailers are made from inferior materials. Their labor and quality match.
    Eagle trailers are a road hazard and a death trap waiting to happen.

    Norman Delore

  4. Reply John Yelinek

    I purchased an eagle cargo trailer. I was disappointed in the communication of the salesperson but after we worked it out, I received a pick up date. Upon arrival, it was not quite ready. Waited 2 hours for it to be completed. Once finished, the product was very nice and as ordered. With a bit of better management and less timeline promises, the experience would be 100% fantastic as was the completed product. I’ll go back.

    + PROS: Great product
    - CONS: Bad communication
  5. Reply Anonymous

    I bought an Eagle Cargo trailer 24X8.5. Waited 4 weeks to get it after I paid my deposit.

    I purchased mine through Bullseye Trailers, Fitzgerald Georgia. Mistake number 1. Bullseye was very unreliable, never seemed to have a feel for where my trailer was, or when it would be completed. Also the staff at Bullseye was very rude. I drove 300 miles to pick my trailer up in Fitzgerald, Ga. I thought I was going to be about 15 minutes past 4PM. I called to tell my salesman (Todd) that I might be a few minutes late but I would be there. Todd said you better plan on staying overnight because we are not staying late for you.

    I actually arrived 30 minutes early. That was a good thing because they had failed to install a winch plate that I had paid extra for. We had to wait an hour for them to get the winch plate installed. I also paid extra for thicker skin on the trailer. I still don’t think I got the thicker skin. Bullseye (Todd) told me standard skin looked wrinkled on the trailer, I upgraded to the .30 thickness to avoid the wrinkled look. My trailer which is a month old looks it rolled off the side of a mountain wrinkled.

    Do yourself a favor buy local, don’t trust these guys (Eagle Cargo/Bullseye Trailers) . They are great to you until they get your deposit which is significant, after that it is screw you. They don’t answer the phone, won’t call back. The deposit is non-refundable so they have you by the short hairs. Remember when I asked the to wait on me for 15 minutes after driving 300 miles. It was screw you spend the night from my salesman (Todd). Yet I had to wait 45 minutes for them to install the proper equipment.

    BOTTOM LINE: Don’t do it, avoid these guys.

  6. Reply Anonymous

    First off Eagle Cargo is just the manufacture not the dealer. Bullseye is the dealer and Eagle builds the trailer on what the order is. If we leave something off of the trailer we will do it right and put what should be on it. Please don’t think that both of these companies are together because they are not. I am very sorry that you had a bad experience with Bullseye.

  7. Reply annonymous

    Unfortunately, We are going into litigation Received my so called upgrade 8 1/2′ x 16′ V front when I got it it looked wrinkled and damaged I had upgraded the outer skin to.30 we haven’t even used the trailer and the floor has delaminated sitting! The floor has a hump in the front, we have gotten estimates to repair over $ 3000.00 Eagle Cargo want us to ship the trailer down at our expense which now will cost us a total of $ 1,200.00. This Manufacturing company is a disaster! The quality and the dealer Grizzly trailers are liar’s! We will try to find others for a class action law suit Yelp and other media we are notifying. Could not talk with the owner and they would not give me his full name other than Jaum. From what we found on the internet Many have had the same experience We are notifing the authorities, BBB, Attorney General in
    Fitzgerald, GA, 31750 WE will keep everyone posted on yelp and other media

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