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Cynergy Cargo LLC
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Cynergy Cargo LLC
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  1. Want a never ending headache?!? then purchase a trailer from this manufacturer! I custom ordered an enclosed motorcycle trailer Spring 2016 and picked it up from their dealer in Georgia. When I arrived home in Minnesota I went to grease the wheel bearings and to my horror I found: (2) rubber grease covers missing, (2) metal bearing caps missing, which allowed dirt to contaminate both wheel bearing assemblies, a hand full of screw heads holding on BOTH fenders snapped off, I assume from being over torqued, (2) lower side wall metal trim pieces resting on the axles, allowing the side walls to flex over every bump in the road, and improper welding of the axle plates to the main frame, (Holes blown thru in multiple places from sloppy welding practices}, Wow, REALLY?!? Then within another 300 miles (3) screws holding the side outer wall on, came loose, which developed stress cracks from not being properly torqued, I assume, which allowed the outer panel to vibrate and created gaping holes in the side wall. I would NEVER purchase anything again from this manufacturer! WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT, THE WORST QUALITY CONTROL I’VE EVER EXPERIANCED! I work hard for my money, and I want the best return on my investment, well this traler from Cynergy Cargo, LLC surely isn’t what I was hopeing for. =[

  2. June 2016 I purchased a 24′ car hauler manufactured by Cynergy Cargo, LLC. The purpose for my purchase was to transport my show car to shows and it be gleaming clean when I got to the show. Every time I hauled the car it was filthy dirty upon arrival from dust covering the car. I contacted the manufacturer and was told to look for holes in the floor and fill out the on line warranty claim which I did. They say they will contact you within 24 – 48 hours. No contact was made by the manufacturer. I called and left message after message with no return call. Today I traded that piece of JUNK and took a big hit on the price I got for it. The product is poorly constructed and their warrant is NOT worth the paper it is written on. The NO SERVICE department is not any help at all. NO returned calls, NO concern for their customers, NO quality control. My advise is stay away from any trailer manufactured by Cynergy Cargo, LLC.

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    Great 7×22 trailer. Fit and finish all first-class. Wheels, tires and brakes all good quality. Highly recommended.

    + PROS: Great value. Well built. Quality materials.
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  4. I purchased a 2019 8.5 x 22 advanced trailer to move from Vermont to Alabama. We loaded the trailer to the max and drove 1200 miles. My Ram 1500 pulled it with no issues. Only concern is that one of the wheels, the axle grease leak out and was all over the rim. But after pulling the hub and looking, the bearings were still in good condition.

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