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Bravo Trailers
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  1. I own a 2013 Bravo top gun that I purchased new. It is the biggest pile of junk I have ever owned! It’s a water leaking, unsealed floor, rust bucket. Trailer has less then 3000 miles on it and most of which to go back and forth to dealer for repairs. I have called multiple times to resolve and get nowhere. Warranty is garbage.

  2. 0.5

    I bought the new BRAVO trailer in the first image for 5K+. Took it home and started to remove the osb
    from the walls and noticed the lack of caulking along the bottom of the aluminum sheathing
    and the frame at the bottom, about 20% total not caulked. I imagine that would be an
    easy way for water to get up and swell the osb flooring edges. I also noticed the lack of Georgia
    Pacific branding as in the image; none on the bottom surface either. So, is it truly “drymax floor ” ?? Then I got to the “V” nose,
    as in the image, there is some aluminum sheathing missing. please to click on “jack sun” above to see other images, then “photos”.
    Here is a copy paste of the response
    from warranty person wayne tolliver, via email. “It is our standard practice not to run the metal down
    behind the stone guard this is on all Models
    The front V-Nose stone guard area is built in a way to accommodate the stone guard when installed and
    sealed at the bottom. ’’ If the above quote were accurate, then why is there “metal down behind” the rest
    of the “stone guard”???? really too funny of a response, for metal just lays on metal and in this case does
    not need “standard practice”. I wonder what the real reason for leaving out the “metal”?? So, Now the
    only thing keeping the water out of the interior would be the thin bead of caulking along the top of the
    “stone guard”. Wonder how long that will last?? Sure would be better to have the “metal” all the way to
    the bottom so it could be “sealed”.
    Then you have the 1 to 1 ½” gap at the V nose at the bottom letting in all that sunlight and water while
    driving swelling up the osb. Filled that with foam. Notice the “shims” in the image, what is with that?
    It would seem that someone has difficulty laying out and cutting osb to fit. You would think, that if you
    do something every day you might get good at it. So, I decided to respond to Tolliver’s only email sent
    to me, with the following, my responses in italics….
    “”The front V-Nose stone guard area is built in a way to accommodate the stone guard when installed and sealed at the bottom. ” Then why is the metal across part of the V nose with

    the stone guard over that metal? “. ” I hope this answers some of your questions.” you did not address the nearly two inch gap in the V nose that I had to fill with foam insulation, which is shown in one of the images i attached to my original email??”

    No response to my email. I decided to call up and ask to speak to tolliver’s boss. I left in the

    neighborhood of about a half dozen messages to someone named nick craig, no response from it

    either. I special ordered my trailer to have 16” on center all the way around. Now, I did not

    expect the roof cross members in the “V” nose part to be 16” on center, I did expect all the rest,

    except for maybe one of the rest in the rectangular box to be 16” on center. Only five of eleven

    chances were on center, pitiful. They must not even have a speed square when fitting up, for

    some ends were off more than the other end of the same cross member. Sure makes cutting your

    insulation interesting. Even the framing of the roof vent was not square, off by half inch, and

    that was only, what, somewhere around 16 inches?? But, hey I do like the blue colour.

    P.S. the “dealer” I ordered from, did not return my email either. Where is the quality control,

    where is the “workmanship”? Where is the Warranty dept.? Out to lunch? seems like there

    really is no reason to pay anyone to head that department, just wait to see if anyone actually

    travels all the way to Bristol Indiana to file a small claims suit. Hey good luck with your


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  3. 0.65

    I expect value with quality as they advertise. This is DEFINATELY not the company to go with. See my review directly at Bravo’s website. If you have even a shred of an eye for detail which ultimately determines quality and value then this is definately not the company to work with. Warantee? What warantee?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unless you race cars, the owner may treat you special, but doubt it. Oh such a nice trailer. Bullcrap. Details people. If you’re someone with money to burn and just buying a little trailer to haul your garbage to the dump, then maybe, but then just go to Menards or Fleet Farm to get a trailer. Custom trailer from this company forget it. My dealer is just as much to blame. I’ve shown the dealer Bravo’s blatent disregard and instead of taking the high road they went low. It takes a miracle to reach someone directly at Bravo. The warantee guy must be a recorded voice in a mannequin set to deflect and denie each call , email, photographs sent on record. My God people . I did extensive research beyond and beyond and was still taken by these creeps. I regret, regret, regret. But they sold me on negligence bordering fraud. Don’t expect better out of the big name companies either. You want quality,..there are only a couple companies. Perhaps legend. Haulmark, Wells cargo are overpriced and come with their issues, but Bravo,….they are creeps. Remember. You don’t have to go to Indiana to go to court. You file in the state and county you purchased it from.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: You'll most likely have to go to court to get them to cover warantee. Even basic stuff.
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  4. 0.5

    Brand New V-Front model. Under loaded. Front hitch Frame, Cracks Splitting apart @ Weld joints.
    On first use. Manufacturers’ response, customer still waiting after 2 months. Had to get it repaired out of his own pocket to get the trailer home. Repair Shop said “Sub-par” Frame members.

    + PROS: Decent price, but you get what you pay for.
    - CONS: Read other review w/pictures of front bumper v-frame cracking @ weld joints on first trip, only 1/2 weight loaded. Company response was no results after 2 or more months.
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  5. 1.65

    9/11/19. In reply to Dave Mich.
    Tell them to pull off the osb that will show you the poor craftsmanship very poor. I do not recommend these trailers

    + PROS: Exterior looks nice
    - CONS: Unfinished welds,A lot of the tubing On the in side just tacked not welded.holes in floor one inch big had to fome them shut.osb has big gaps at the seams. Wiring under neath all spliced and just hanging there.should have been put in weather proof box specially in northern weather.hald the screws holding the son on are striped or driven so far in the wood almost out they other side. Thought it was a good trailer till I took the osb off very very poor craftsmenship, scary
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