Cargo trailer transporters and the risk of not knowing how they differ

Ever wondered why some transporters are much cheaper?

The reasons are:

  • They may not be licensed by the DOT
  • They may not have commercial insurance

If you plan to hire someone to deliver your trailer to you, you need to know they are all not the same when you shop for prices.

You waited a long time to get your trailer and maybe you just don’t  have the time to travel and pick it up your self. So you place an ad on one of the transport web sites to get quotes.

The law requires that all transporters be licensed by the DOT and carry commercial insurance.

If the transporter does not have commercial insurance and your trailer is damaged, you will not be able to file an insurance claim. You will have to pay for all damage repairs to your trailer which could be costly, especially if your trailer is damaged beyond repair.

Protect your investment and make sure the transporter you have is operating legally.

Make sure they provide you proof of coverage that is effective during the time of transport. Some transporters will get temporary insurance and allow it to lapse to save money. Even if they show you an insurance card, it is best to call the insurance company and verify their coverage is still effective.