Avoid mistakes when you order your trailer

Mistakes can be easily avoided!


1. Make sure to read your cargo trailer order very carefully. If you see something that is wrong, make sure to tell your salesperson immediately. Your trailer purchase order should be changed and a new one sent to you immediately. It is up to you to make sure your order is exactly what you want.

Do not rely on e-mails, voice messages, or telephone conversations.


2. Changes to a trailer order may not be able to be made after construction has begun. Most factories build trailers in an assembly line. Some changes cannot be made because it may require parts removal, welding, or major disassembly. Also, removing it from the assembly line can create many problems in the factory and stop construction of other trailers completely.

Make sure your order is correct when you place it. Do not expect to be able to make changes after your order has been accepted.


3. Read your warranty carefully. All warranty is issued by the factory since they built your trailer. While some dealers may be required to handle repairs that are authorized by the factory, most are not setup to do repairs.

The factory/brand is responsible for all warranty issues, not the Dealer.


4. You get what you pay for. Factories differ in the construction of a cargo trailer. They also use materials that differ in quality and durability. For example: Some use pressure treated plywood while others do not. Since pressure treated plywood costs more, the cost of your trailer may be more. Make sure to read our reviews on Brands.

Don’t just compare prices and sizes when you shop for a cargo trailer. Compare materials and features carefully.