My truck light fuses blow every time I connect my cargo trailer lights!

  • Does your truck fuses blow when you connect your cargo trailer lights plug?
  • Does your truck lights stop working too?

Believe it or not, this happens many times and frustrates many trailer owners.

You back up and connect everything but when you connect the trailer lights plug to your truck, the trailer lights don’t work. Then you notice that your truck lights are not working either!

This can be extremely frustrating and make many people very mad.

You replace the blown truck fuses and then connect the trailer as before. The truck fuses blow again!

We have even seen the wires melt in the trailer battery box and almost catch fire.
What causes the problem?

Just make sure that your truck lights are completely off (that includes the auto lights feature) BEFORE you plug in your trailer lights.

Many people do not realize that the auto lights feature on the truck must also be in the off position.

It’s just that simple!